Thursday, May 31, 2007


It was rainning yesterday. It was the kind of rain that if it was a woman she would have been someone in deep sorrow, probably someone who lost a loved one, perhaps a woman who lost a lover, or a mother who lost a child. But guessing from the way she cried I bet she was a mother whose child had died and it must have been an abrupt departure for she was weeping so hard and cursing at the heavens.

Anyway, besides being rainy, yesterday was another boring day as well. These past few weeks our team is in idle mode. There was nothing much to do and I was running out of ideas for killing time. So I did what any bored and sleepy employee would do, go to the comfort room. Going to the comfort room hits three birds with one stone: i get to excrete bodily waste both liquid and semi-solid(semi-solid is better because it takes more time and I get to take power naps with my pants down), I get to kill time(at least five minutes to and from the CR), and my sleepiness disappears. Yesterday I 've been to the CR 8 times, and it could have been 9 or even 10 if it wasn't for the incident on the 8th. There were no prior ominous portents that foreshadowed such disaster, hence I went on my business blindly.

There I was standing in front of the urinal doing everything by the book. Everything was going smoothly up until I zipped my pants. I never thought that it could happen to me but then pop goes my zipper. I stood there dumbfounded for about 4.36seconds then I pretended that I was still peeing. When the coast was clear I went inside one of the cubicles. I frantically tried to put the zipper back together, but to no avail. I removed my pants so I can adress the problem better but still it was futile. During this strugle there were moments when I thouht of just laying on the floor curl into fetal position, suck my thumb and let the tears flow. I thought I was ready for anything that life has to offer, but I was humbled by that situation. I was so engrossed in anticipating the "big things" in life that I was not prepared for the "little things".

After about 20 mins of futile attempts I quit. I walked out of the CR coolfully with a broken zipper. I walked slowly, for sudden motion may expose my friend Carter. Then finally I stapled it shut inside my cubicle. I never stood up again until I went home. It was rainning hard and my zipper was is wonderful.


Terri said...

hi philip! :)

You should have something to keep yourself entertained.. :D how about an NDS..? Pwede ba mag ganun sa office niyo dyan? :) Or maybe you could bug the nearest person beside you. :D hehee

Hope you're doing well. :)

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