Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Constipated Regular AWS Employee

"KA-ME HA-ME WAAAAAVE!" This is my mantra when I am constipated. I push at the "WAAAAAVE" part, it works. Shugoi(ACTION 7 Cebu expression)!!!

I had a bad morning today. I woke up with a sore throat, an aching head, clogged nostrils, and to top it off, I had constipation. Damn you, Shawarma! Constipation hurts just like love. If you try so hard "it" would bleed just like the heart, hence one should relax and let go, for If you really love her you gotta set her free... Anyway, the previous sentence has no implication whatsoever on my in-a-relationship life. You might think that there is a juicy chika material between the lines, unfortunately there is none. Constipation hurts, love also hurts, therefore, through transitivity Love is Constipation.

I was dragging myself to work this morning. I didn't feel like working, I just wanted to relax and listen to birds, and admire the cloud formations, and sleep with my Havies on, then maybe later do some interpretative dancing on the rooftop wearing my pink leotard, as a tribute to mother nature. FYI, I got Regularized yesterday. There is nothing special about me anymore, I am now merely regular. If I were a Batchoi I would have no egg, good thing I'm not a Batchoi. I have become a full-pledged Corporate Slave. Anyway, all my sufferings to get to work vanished as I reached PDI Condominium. I looked up and there she was, across the street, in her white lingerie.

I was looking at her face intently and she was looking back at mine, as I waited for the street lights to switch to red. Then her lips moved, I swear they moved. I could not hear what she was saying, because it was very noisy, but I could make out what she was trying to say by reading her lips. She said, "Ako ka! Ako ka! Ako ka!" (You're mine! You're mine! You're mine!). Then the red light diverted my attention from her. I crossed the street, her lips weren't moving anymore. Was that for real? Did she really desire me? Did she really say "ako ka!"(you're mine) or maybe "Bakukang"(beetle), as she was describing the gay pedestrian behind me that looked like one? I don't know. I'm confused. I'm so helpless. I can't do anything. Help me Joe D' Mango!

Although a prospect of a steamy romance was impossible, it was enough to stimulate my adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline, and my generative glands to secrete testosterone. I felt like a man oozing with testosterone, plus my morning dreariness was gone. I'm ready to face my first day as a Regular AWS Employee and a Pro Blogger.

If you're intrigued about the girl in white lingirie click this link so you would understand why it was impossible between us: Besides, my girl is much more beautiful. Love you Haze.

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