Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sweet Embrace

Unfortunately, Nov. 2(All Soul's Day) was not a holiday... You ask me what it was? It was a blessing in disguise. RC was back in AWS Cebu after his 3-month Japan OB Trip. He gave me a Brand New Second-Hand Top-of-the-Line IBM Optical Mouse and a bag of Country Ma'am cookies. I was intrigued by this particular cookie brand since, at one omeyage skirmish, Sensei was asking me, in his C3P0-like voice: "Give me country ma'am! Give me country ma'am." His voice had a subliminal effect. I was brain-washed into craving for country ma'am.

Anyway, as gratitude, I gave RC what he wanted the most, some love. I gave him a huge hug which he enjoyed so much. In the picture RC is the guy seated. You can clearly see that he is savoring every moment of my tender yet firm embrace, even closing his eyes to shut himself from the world to feel every sensation in his body as he is engulfed in my powerful arms. He was in a state of "SUPER KILIGness". His smile was that of peace and security for he knows that I am holding him tight and I will never let go. I will keep him warm on cold summer nights. Char! hihihihi... Thanks Bai. I know gikilig jud ka ato, kay ako man sad gikilig.

The love between RC and I is exclusively platonic.

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bart said...

dili ba na siya country mom? wala lang.
ps. grabe na ni imo blog bai. naka comment gud ko. first time in my blog reading experience.
kodus! may you have more blogs to come! so just keep on 'blogging away!'