Thursday, November 02, 2006

Zhang Ziyi, Im just kidding...

I haven't been able to post any decent blog these past three days, I've been kinda busy with halloween and stuff. Char! November 1 was all saint's day. It's the time of year(for some it's the only time of year), when people visit their dead relatives in the cemetery. They offer candles and flowers(I think candles and preayers would be enough), then they party all night long with booze and loud music. Later on in the night, if the action gets hotter, there would be some stabbing and some brawling for onlookers' delight.

In my case, I spent the holiday like any other cool guy would, I spent it with my girl, Hazel. We went to Ayala to hang out at StarVucks to buy a coffee shake or two, then maybe later buy some Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas), Portuguese for Hawaiians, Havies as we fondly call it, cause it's the World's Best Rubber Flip Flops. We use it for Tumba Lata or Tumbang Preso in tagalog, sometimes when it's rainy outside and the canal is flooded we'd go out and do a little competition, we'd race our Havaianas in the flood current. The first to reach the culvert is the winner. Then we say bye-bye to our Havies. We have so much fun with our Havies. Too bad Ayala was close, so we went to SM instead. At SM we watched The Banquet, starring Ziyi Zhang, and other chinese guys and gals. If your expecting an action-filled movie with lots of fight scenes with flying warriors flailing their swords, you'll be disappointed. It is 80% drama 20% action. I expected lots of flying warriors but I wasn't disappointed. It was a well-made tragic love story. I liked it. I almost cried at the end... I wanted my money back. Zhang Ziyi, if your reading this blog I'm just kidding!

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